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Transform your life and veterinary career from the inside out.
Decrease stress, increase balance, leave work at work... everything is possible!

Transform your life and veterinary career from the inside out. Decrease stress, increase balance, leave work at work... everything is possible!
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What Real Students Had To Say...
VLA has been a tremendous help to me learning to love Vet Med again! Finally!  Someone who could relate to EXACTLY what I was going through and had advice that was actually relevant to my situation.

Jen, DVM
It's all made a huge difference in reducing my anxiety levels around stressful situations, and helping me process things.

And it's also just fascinating to learn how my mind works!

Dr. I
Your advice and teachings have improved 200% my life at work and at home. 
Vet Life Academy has helped me deal with my staff, my difficult practice manager, and even my husband. 

Dr. L
I am certain that anyone in the veterinary profession is going to find something very valuable in this material that will improve their experience both in the workplace and in their entire lives.

Dr. Pamela
JOYFUL DVM: What, How, Who
Joyful DVM is a one-of-a-kind Personal Development Organization for Veterinary Professionals. We're different because we focus on helping you live your life!
Our vision: To change the belief that relentless stress, anxiety, depression, and high rate of suicide are inevitable consequences of VetMed careers, from one of passive acceptance to one of empowered right to create a different reality through choices and actions.
Our Progress: We've helped over 20,000 Veterinary Professionals since beginning in 2017.
Our Founder, Your Cheerleader: Dr. Cari Wise...
Dr. Cari Wise is the founder and CEO of Joyful DVM™️ LLC, and the instructor, coach, mentor, and primary cat wrangler in The Vet Life Academy.
In addition to her veterinary degree, Cari has completed a Masters degree in Higher and Post-Secondary Education and a Certifications in Life Coaching and Human Design.

Cari's veterinary experience includes practicing as an associate veterinarian in private and corporate practices; spay/neuter and shelter medicine; practice ownership, including practice creation from the ground up; relief work; industry, including Royal Canin and XPrep learning solutions; and education where she served as both Department Chair and National Program Director for multiple veterinary technician programs across the country.
Since founding Joyful DVM LLC in 2017 after conquering her own relentless anxiety and burn-out, Cari's primary focus has been supporting the personal wellbeing of all veterinary professionals through the programs and resources she has created at Joyful DVM.