A Brand New Membership from Joyful DVM


November 29, 2023
(replay will be available!)

Date TBD
(replay will be available)
The WHY behind VetMed; JOY CLUB
Vet Med isn't exactly the type of career you flip off and leave behind at the end of your shift.

After over six years of helping veterinary professionals through Joyful DVM, I know first hand that the best way to support veterinary professionals is not in fits and spurts only when they are in crisis mode. The better way is to help prevent crisis mode through ongoing encouragement and support day after day, month after month, year after year...

So, with this in mind, I launched the Vet Med; JOY CLUB!
Something I hope everyone can afford...
Something that results in No Veterinary Professional Left Behind...

My goal with the Vet Med; JOY CLUB is to create an inspiring and uplifting experience that helps us all refocus on the positive and build empowerment into our lives, while combating the negative with proven tools and strategies ... all through a membership that does not require you to be present at any given time... something you can do when it works into your schedule, on the go, and doesn't require a massive time commitment in order to see an impact.
What To Expect Inside VetMed; JOY CLUB
  • Encouraging and inspiring audio messages every Sunday, to help you set your intention for the week ahead
  • Supportive and Empowering text messages each Tuesday & Thursday to help you protect your emotional wellbeing and combat the defeating drama that often pops up during the week.
  • Social community hosted in Joyful DVM's private portal
  • Live Group Sessions every other month on topics relevant to your veterinary journey (examples: career alignment, boundaries, future planning)
  • Private portal & mobile app access
  • Mindset Magic Mini-Course
    Immediately Available!
  • FREE Anxiety Management Workshop Replay
    Immediately Available!
  • Discounts on additional membership tiers, if developed in the future
  • Cancel anytime. When you cancel, you'll keep access until the end of your billing period. 
The VetMed; JOY CLUB Manifesto
We are Veterinary Professionals united by a common vision.
We believe emotional wellbeing is ours to define, protect and expand.
We are committed to personal empowerment and continued growth.
We believe in the inspiring ripple effect of positive perspective.
We practice compassion first, with ourselves and others.
We believe that prior experiences do not limit future possibilities.
We embrace the power to create our own reality.

1. Join as a Monthly Member...
This option is $25.00 / month paid monthly and this rate is locked in for as long as you remain a member. You'll never pay more as prices increase! You can cancel any time.  If you elect to cancel, you will keep access through your current billing period. (So if you join on the June 1st and cancel on the June 15th, you'll have full access until July 1st rolls around 15 days later). 

2. Join as Yearly Member...
This option is $250 / year paid yearly... which is 12 months for the price of 10... and this rate is locked in for as long as you remain a member. You'll never pay more as prices increase! Again, you can cancel any time. Like with Monthly, if you elect to cancel, you will keep access through your current billing period. (So if you join on June 1st and cancel on June 15th, you'll have full access until June 1st rolls around the following year.)

Why joining Right Now is a GREAT idea:
Lowest price, for life! As long as you remaining a member in good standing, your monthly or yearly price for Vet Med; JOY CLUB access will never increase as the price goes up for everyone else.

Exclusive Discounts! I anticipate I'll be adding additional membership tiers down the road... and when I do, my current members (monthly, yearly and lifetime) will have an opportunity to upgrade at a discounted price that nobody else will be offered. It pays to go first and I love to reward the courage it takes to do so!

How VetMed; JOY CLUB is different than our Vet Life Academy Program...
>> There is no big course or CE credit in VetMed; JOY CLUB.

>> The monthly themes are based on Emotional Wellbeing, not Vet Med scenarios.

>>The periodic live group sessions will be based on topics that support Wellbeing.

>>The inspirational audios and empowering texts I have planned are not currently in VLA.

>>The Social Community is not the same as the VLA Alumni Community.
With all membership options, you may cancel any time and retain access through the end of your billing cycle.