Dr. Kris's Story...
My reading with Spiritual Medium, Dr. Cari Wise, was truly a gift. I have never shared any of this information with Cari so it truly is evidence that she was in contact with a special loved one. She picked up a male and thought it to be fatherly or grandfatherly. Much older and related to a heritage very important to him. She saw the color yellow, possibly a flag, almost in a cross type design. She also saw him as a strong man with strength, stubbornness and resilience which he passed down to my Dad and to me. She stated that he may be in the military as it was if he was marching. He also had a very strong spiritual connection with horses. She saw a whole row of horses including a large bay. The reading went on with wonderful things of resilience and love that he always sends to me and is always with me.

I smiled after she told me these things as my paternal grandfather passed when I was 7 years old and I did not get to know him that well. He was very proud of his heritage as he and my paternal grandmother were immigrants from Sweden where I still have family. The yellow Cari picked up is seen in the Swedish flag which is blue with a yellow horizontal cross. He was not in the military that I know of but the marching was most likely that he was the very first policeman in his small Minnesota town and he used to "walk the beat". As for the horses I was not sure of his connection other than they are a passion of mine. But then I paused and thought for a minute. My cousins from Sweden visited Minnesota this past August of 2022 and we talked for hours and I did not know that the homestead that Grandpa grew up on is still in the family and has been for over 600 years. They also made a living at blacksmithing over all of those years so that would be his connection with horses.

This reading was such a gift as I finally get to have a relationship with my Grandpa and know that he has always been with me and continues to be guiding, inspiring and reminding me of resiliency. And as for his stubbornness. Well, guess it fits the "stubborn Swede" persona!! Thank you, Cari with much gratefulness and thanks!!

I consider myself a skeptical spiritual scientist. I have had life experiences that make me sensitive to things that I can't quite understand with the 5 senses, call it a strong intuition if you will. I have had some unresolved grief alongside having to make some decisions for my future in regards to my career and happiness.
Cari's intuitive coaching session came at a serendipitous time since I was feeling like I needed guidance. The combination of left brain coaching and intuitive coaching left me in such a better place following our session. The guidance she gave me was spot on and before I gave her any details regarding the decisions I am currently faced with.
While the path is still not 100% certain, I believe that I am in the process of healing and that the choices that I will make here in the near future will be the right ones. I consider this single session to have assured me of my path and I look forward to more intuitive coaching sessions with Cari.
- Dr. B.
I'm not sure what I was expecting from having a reading with Cari, but this FAR surpassed any expectations I may have had! There were so many things that were either too specific or too particular to be randomly guessed or a coincidence. It was a comforting, healing, and definitely a meaningful experience!
-Erin, DVM
You were fantastic, absolutely right on the mark and succinctly very to the point of exactly the issues that I've been working on!

Mum-Mum was a totally unexpected bonus and again Cari's proof of who she was very distinct and quite specific, but also very easy to identify.

Thank you so much for today, I was so impressed with you and also really enjoyed meeting you and talking one on one with you what a delight and so helpful for me going forward!

-Shannon Reitmeyer, LVT

Cari's reading was like a breath of fresh air from the spirit world. She has a very gentle and calming energy and presence as she connects to you and spirit. It feels like the messages that come through are whispers from the divine - always inspirational and meant for you. They are metaphorical, but clear and specific.

It was healing to receive those powerful messages especially from my Dad. The words he was never able to say so thank you! It was also so fun to have my sister's energy come through. "Freedom in the wind" is a perfect metaphor for her energy. She was a free spirit and and even used to hang-glide and sky-dive so that tells you a lot.

The messages I received were powerfully healing and up-lifting. It's reassuring to know spirit is always speaking to us in many ways and Cari has the beautiful gift of receiving them and communicating them in a loving way. ✨